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Looking to Learn More About the H-2A & H-2B Foreign Worker Visa Programs?

Please download our Guide to H-2A & H-2B Visas, in which we answer the tough questions about the differences between the two programs, the legal requirements, and how they might prove beneficial to meeting your workforce needs.

This eBook includes information on the following topics:


  -  Dealing with the U.S. Immigration Law
  -  Immigration Policies and the U.S. 
  -  How to Sponsor an H-2A Visa 
  -  Information on the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program
  -  Things to Know About Hiring Using the Foreign Worker Visa Programs
  -  How to Participate in the H-2A Visa Program
  -  How to Sponsor an H-2B Visa
  -  H-2B Visa Duration Time
  -  Understanding the H-2B Visa Lottery Process